Spirit of the mountains

Our Alpine gins takes its inspiration from the Alpine surroundings of Chamonix, bringing together delicious botanicals that capture the experiences and sensations of the mountains.

Altitude Alpine Dry Gin

The myrtille, elderflower and essence of pine that grow in the foothills of the Alps have been combined with five other carefully chosen botanicals: Juniper Berries, Coriander Seed, Sweet Orange Peel, Green Cardamom, and Angelica Root.

The result is a true taste of the mountains. Our Dry Gin mingles the fresh sharpness of pine, coriander and citrus with the fruity yet floral flavours of myrtille and elderflower. It’s a beguiling blend that’s evocative of an alpine meadow, with the earthy aftertaste of angelica root lingering on the finish.

Altitude Alpine Strawberry Pink Gin

Our Alpine Strawberry Pink Gin introduces flavours of the summer-long harvest of alpine strawberries, which grow in the open meadows and forest clearings of the Alps. It’s a gin that carefully balances the crisp, juniper taste of our original Alpine Dry Gin with the sweetness of alpine strawberries. Enjoy aromas of summer on the nose and a light delicate gin on the palette.

Adventure — Friendship — Freedom

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