The Alps are an iconic symbol of Europe. 40% of Europe’s fresh water originates there, supplying tens of millions of Europeans in lowland areas.

There are visible signs of change: glaciers, snow and permafrost are melting and vegetation and animals are modifying their behaviour. For every 1ºC increase in temperature, the snow line rises by about 150 metres. As a result, less snow will accumulate at low elevations. Plant species are also on the move northward and uphill. Plants that have adapted to the cold are now being driven out of their natural ranges. European plant species might have shifted hundreds of kilometres northwards by the late-21st century and 60% of mountain plant species may face extinction.

The warming planet is changing the Alps forever – almost with every season change! However, gin lovers can help turn the tide!

For every bottle of Altitude Gin sold, we donate to CREA Mont Blanc, which funds scientific research into the impact of climate change in the Alps.

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