Our Journey

In the Altitude Gin office, there is a photograph of one of the founders standing on top of the razor-edged peak of the 4,810M Mont Blanc massif - the undisputed heavyweight of the Alps. He beams, dwarfed by the majestic mountain range and thundering Bossons Glacier that centuries ago engulfed the town of Chamonix. The picture is there as a reminder of accomplishment, empowerment and the inauguration of this pioneering brand - a clue as to how the team of young Brits have bravely and strategically disrupted the gin stratosphere.

Altitude Gin conjures up memories of the majestic peak of Mont Blanc, creviced to perfection, beribboned with snow and scaling Western Europe. Reaching the top is a mountaineer’s dream: pure exhilaration combined with profound appreciation of the eternal, magical and mythical surroundings. The alpine journey is wondrous: high pass crossings, steep ascents, rewarded by spectacular views, stunning lakes, isolated trails, yellow harvest meadows, resilient pine trees, bushes of elderflower and sweeping foothills filled with myrtille.

Chamonix is where many sporting enthusiasts, mountaineers, painters and writers, who over the years have pursued inspiration, a change of pace in their lives and a love for the mountains. Months back, in a charming, unassuming wooden mazot at the foot of Mont Blanc, the team created their first batch of Altitude Gin, with a borrowed still, rich imagination and endless exuberance. Local gin soirees swiftly followed and the Chamonix millennials were instantly captivated by such an exciting, delicious new spirit. Mont Blanc provided the colossal backdrop to the gin parties and the local community have lauded the new brand and its iconic provenance.

The team have since enlisted one of the world’s authorities on the art and science of gin distillation - Dr. David Clutton - to work with them to create an exceptional liquid. Having already worked on leading brands such as Gilbey's, Bombay Sapphire, No.3 and Tanqueray 10, David took Altitude's existing concept and perfected our beautiful Alpine Dry Gin, using an impeccable combination of juniper, citrus, spice and mountain botanicals.

Altitude's winning arrangement bestows a smooth, balanced and refreshing gin, infused with fruit flavours from alpine mountains on a crisp summer’s afternoon.

Wind back two hundred years. Byron and Shelley made a trip to Chamonix and their time in the Alps provided the catalyst for some of the greatest works of English literature."Mont Blanc yet gleams on high: the power is there...", is an extract from Percy Shelley’s famous ode to Mont Blanc, so the new bottle, enveloped by the Alps, tells the story. An intricate mitre sits atop each bottle, full of botanicals, with a nod to St Bernard and the three founders. The mitre represents a 17th century bishop, who protected the local community years ago by exorcising demons who supposedly caused the Bossons Glacier to engulf the farmland, barns and houses of Chamonix.

Protection is significant and meaningful for Altitude Gin which appeals to adventurers and urban explorers alike. The company gives back to what inspired the gin in the first place. With a vision to conserve the environment felt so passionately about, Altitude Gin contributes €1 of every bottle to Mont Blanc conservation, to support the protection and preservation of the massif, ensuring future generations will be able to explore these magnificent landscapes.

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